So, 31 Days Was a Bust

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Joyful Mothering New Season
I had good intentions, I really did. But real life took over and I’m sorry…but I’m not sorry. As much as I love writing and sharing our day to day with you, I enjoy living it even more. And honestly, I did get some ideas for posts that I look forward to writing!

But writing everyday became a burden rather than a discipline to enjoy. That’s not what I want. I can’t thank you enough for rolling with me and for your grace. I hope that the small picture I provided was a decent glimpse into our lives and I will continue to share some of our days sporadically.

As a mom who has come out of being pregnant or nursing for 12 years, I feel like I’m entering a new season. (And the adoption process is very much a pregnancy; more like a high-risk pregnancy due to all the uncertainties involved and instead of lasting 9 months, the stressful process of it all lasted 18 months).

So here we are, stress levels down, hormone levels down and I feel like a new woman ready for adventure!

I don’t want to forget how hard being pregnant and having a baby and other littles underfoot is because moms, it is HARD. I had a hard time ever wanting to even leave the house just because it felt SO overwhelming. And leaving for myself? I felt overwhelming guilty. I think part of that is just hormones taking over and amplifying everything.

Now I am in a place where I’m getting off the couch, going to the gym in the evenings when my husband gets home and having lots of energy to take care of my family.

And I won’t lie: the computer was a source of comfort and at times escape for me during this time. Do I have regrets about that? Not really because I was still home and available to my children and I was in a place of feeling desperate and in need of a community that felt “safe”, but kept at a distance…know what I mean? I think the thing that may have been neglected the most was the house. And my husband is awesome and never pushed me to clean or made comments about it. He had a few pet peeves I tried to keep up with, but he has always been an amazing support to me.

Do you remember MSN groups? Oh how I was sucked into those! I even started my own group and ran my own community for moms. Sometimes there was so much drama involved from differing opinions that it exhausted me and eventually I gave it up. That’s when I found blogging…way back in 2005 (though I know blogs were around well before then). That’s when I started writing for myself — before I actually knew the powerful potential of the blogging community.

Now, 9 years and 5 blogs later, here I am, at Joyful Mothering. My season of motherhood has changed dramatically since I first began, going from two children to now seven children, two of whom are adopted. Naturally the dynamic of my blogging is going to change, too. How many times can I share the same information about how we do devotions and our morning routine, though?

What is it moms need? When I browse blogs as a mom, what do I look for?

Today I, personally, look for a challenge. I want to be stretched farther and pushed beyond my own limitations. And lately, I have found very little of that among my browsing. Instead I find posts on complacency and being content where we are and I think for some seasons, this is necessary. But complacency on the outside is really a battle on the inside. Sometimes all we can do is hold on and soak in—I get that, because I’ve been there and I want to speak from that place and offer encouragement to moms who are just tired; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Moms who are too exhausted to take on more than merely getting through the day because that’s simply the season you are in. Moms who need to hear that it’s OK to be tired and that you’re not fighting that internal battle alone.

But not all moms are in the same season–not all moms are exhausted (and I totally appreciate the ones who are). Some moms are in different seasons and need that boost for growing into the next level. This is where I am. I’m ready for some new challenges and I want to invite you along for the ride.

And if you’re exhausted, you will not be left out! As a mom on the other side of exhaustion (at least for now), I want to be the one who pours into you. I want to be someone who understands and encourages you — someone I needed when I was in that place.

I am excited for 2015 because I have some wonderful things in the works and I want you to be in on the planning. So I need your voice to help me.

I have a short poll here that will help me serve you better. It will only take about 20 seconds to complete. What would you like to see me writing more about?  Choose all that would apply to you and even add your own suggestion.

To take the poll: CLICK HERE

I am looking forward to some new adventures — and a new design in this space. Are you with me? :)

Family Workout Weekend

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Day 11 and 12

So, I’d decided a couple weeks ago that my children are getting big enough to need more than the backyard to run around in for exercise—and during the winter months, they need some place to stretch their legs.

Since I have the membership at the gym now and recognize, already, the benefits of working out (other than weight loss), my husband and I also decided to get a membership to our local YMCA.

On Saturday we had our post-placement report done by our social worker. I really love our social worker! She gave us a few tips and suggestions, but overall, the girls are doing well.

After she left, we went to the Y for a tour and signed up for a family membership. It gives us full access to the pool all year round plus the open gym where we can go and play dodge ball or other kinds of games. We also get discounts on programs such as swimming lessons and gymnastics–so we are sure to stay active throughout the winter!


Sunday we had church and we host home group 1-2 times per month and this was our week to host. So we came home, I made spaghetti for lunch/dinner, the girls made cookie bars to add to the snack for our group, and we finished cleaning. Then we rested for a couple hours before people arrived.

We had a wonderful time studying and discussing Romans 15:1-2. We always have great discussion! We were pretty tired once everyone left (just before 10pm) so Monday was a little rough.

31 Days 2014

Last Full Day

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Day 9 and 10

October 8

Thankfully, Wednesday was better. I woke up feeling better and went downstairs to get my coffee. And because I’m writing this on Friday morning rather than Wednesday night, I honestly don’t remember that far back. So on to Thursday!

October 9

Regular routine of wake up and have coffee. Felt quite well though the kids were a little slow getting moving. We started our devotions about 9:2oAM.

I pulled out Aesop’s Fables and worked on training my Ghanaian daughters how to narrate. They read English well and understand spoken English very well, but they struggle to say back what they have read or what’s been read to them. They are catching on and these little stories are just perfect to hold their attention for a short narration. My goal is not to make homeschooling overly complex for them, but to strengthen some things they already know and then expand from there.

Branching out too quickly will only spread them too thin before they are ready.

We worked through math and had lunch. My other children were keeping busy with independent work (history and literature readings, mostly)

And this is the day I realized writing about my life everyday is getting rather boring. So, in my next “day” I will share how we do devotions, specifically, since many of you have asked.

I will also share some of our dinner recipes, especially some of the new ones we’ve tried that have turned out awesome and don’t take forever to prepare.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Let’s shift the angle a bit and get in a little close in the coming days, shall we? :)

31 Days 2014

Terrible Tuesday

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October 7

To put it bluntly, I woke up exhausted Tuesday. In fact, I just didn’t feel like myself. You know what pregnancy exhaustion feels like? Yea, it was beyond that. (No, I’m not pregnant). I drank a cup of coffee. Then another. Still felt exhausted. I felt so heavy. I wondered how in the world I was going to homeschool. My brain just felt so foggy and unfocused.

My husband and I think my workout on Sunday caught up to me. Apparently it’s going to take some time adjusting my body to this new routine. In the mean time, though, I had to deal with this day. This day, my responsibilities felt so very heavy on my shoulders. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to feel awful, I have too much to do!

I made the best decision for all of us — I let the kids watch movies. And you know what? It was refreshing for them as well. They needed the break as much as me. We turned on Netflix and, to my delight, they had just added one of my childhood favorites: Pippi Longstocking. On it went…and the kids loved it!

Once dinner time rolled around, again I felt overwhelmed. I just wanted to crawl in bed and sleep. What to do. What to do. “OK children. It’s ‘fend for yourself for dinner’ tonight. Whatever you can whip up in the oven or microwave is yours! Older children, help the younger ones.”

I had a phone meeting at 6pm and my husband still needed to eat. When he got home, I gave him my Paypal card and told him he could buy the two of us fast food. (I know, it’s a problem).

So, I went upstairs to my room with my laptop and phone and did my 30-minute phone meeting. Then I got ready to leave because I had hip-hop practice to go to, but first needed to attend another meeting on Google Hangout right before class. So I just carried my laptop along with me to do the meeting there. I still wanted to crawl in bed and sleep at this point.

I arrived at the dance studio and set up my laptop and had about a 45 minute meeting. Then went to hip hop class and pretended I knew how to dance hip hop — with my two left feet.

I came home really tired, but after a full day, even an exhausted body needs to wind down from the day before trying to sleep. So, on goes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And I fell asleep. With my mouth open. Hubby said I snored, too. Nice, huh? :P

I made my way up the stairs and fell into bed, worried the next day would be just as bad…I felt like I could sleep for two days.

31 Days 2014

Distract of the Dog

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October 6

Monday started off so well. I woke up early and did my Bible reading. I felt so good and ready to begin the day. I can only imagine it was from working out the day before.

I got lunch in the crockpot – Chicken Noodle Soup – and we began our devotions. Our great dane puppy, Kesse, was quite a handful. She is almost 15 months old and a couple weeks ago her training collar stopped working. It didn’t take her long to figure it out and she is back to being quite out of control. Constantly barking at our greyhound to play with her – constantly. It made it really difficult to get through devotions.

As you can see, Truman is not in the playing mood. (Click here to see video if reading in email)

Dogs from Christin Slade on Vimeo.

She would bark in her crate, she would bark outside (annoying the neighbors after a while). Walks typically happen in the evening because mornings are just too difficult. This dog is constantly wound up, so it makes no difference. I love her to pieces, but without her training collar, she has made homeschooling around here near impossible. So, we are {not so patiently} waiting for her replacement collar to come in the mail.

So we stumbled through school with constant distractions from the dog. She exhausted me by the end of the day! My husband is changing jobs and went to his new employer to pick up some paperwork and go have a drug test done (which we weren’t expecting to have to do that day). By the time he got home it was almost 9pm. I had the kids in bed by 8pm but I was zonked!

Then Tuesday rolls around…

31 Days 2014

Sunday’s Are For Rest

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October 5

So we woke up and went to church. We stopped at the library to drop off some books and pick up more for the upcoming homeschool week.

We also had the opportunity to tour the fire station because they just happened to have an open house. It’s funny, too, because my husband and I were just talking about visiting the fire station with the kids.

By the time we got home I was zonked. Sunday’s are always like that for me and I struggle to function just to get meals on the table. I warmed up left over spaghetti and made a pot of macaroni and cheese for lunch and then went and laid down for a bit.

Then I got up and made dinner — I had steak in the crockpot for fajitas, so I just cooked up some peppers and onions and a pot of rice and we ate.

I was pondering joining the gym -seriously- since last night, though it’s been in the back of my mind for months. And Planet Fitness happened to be having a deal to join. So after dinner, I went and joined and worked out for 45 minutes.

Day 6 Planet Fitness 2 Day 6 Planet Fitness


I came home feeling great and went to bed feeling great! I am definitely excited about making some changes now that I’ve finally taken the plunge!

That was my Sunday — very laid back and simple. :)

From now on, I will be posting the day’s events at the end of the day rather than the beginning of the next day because I have a better chance of getting something out and remembering the details better. So do expect my Monday this evening! :)

31 Days 2014

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Homemaking from Scratch


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Red heart-shaped candy on a wooden background.

October 4

It’s Saturday!!

I slept in until 7:45am, came downstairs and made my coffee. The children were getting their breakfast and I grabbed my lap top and headed back upstairs to get some client work done while the coffee brewed. Saturday’s are computer work days for me. I work on VA projects, blogging projects, menu planning and lesson planning and it pretty much takes the whole day.

Twenty minutes later I came down and poured a cup of coffee and sat on the couch to do more VA work. The children were scattered doing various things. At about 9:45am I called them to complete their morning chores. After that, my husband came down, poured his coffee and turned on Netflix for some “Saturday morning cartoons”. I moved my lap top to the kitchen to continue working.

I left for the post office at 11:30am to ship something back to a company that I was needing a refund from.

When I returned home, Jonathan and I discussed our upcoming weekly menu.

Day 5 Menu Planning

We both know we want to make some food changes so we discuss how that’s going to look. Lunches are some of our most unhealthy meals because they resort to hot dogs and overly processed lunch meat, typically. We decide it best to buy a bulk thing of chicken and make “real food”, even for lunches. So far I have chicken noodle soup with corn bread, and beans and rice on our menu for the upcoming week for lunches.

I also plan to bake more muffins and bread type products for breakfasts and snacks. Siding it with a piece of fruit and/or yogurt will work well.

Just after 1:00pm, my husband takes the children (all seven of them) out to run errands, including grocery shop. He does this every week and I stay home and work. He is my Superman.

And I work from then until 4:00pm on the computer.

After that I start dinner and they come home and we eat spaghetti. My husband tells me we are having a movie night and the kids want to watch Star Wars V so I hurry them through their chores and showers so there’s enough time to satisfy that and a normal bed time.

We had to turn it off by 8:30pm because there was still a ways to go and the children needed to get to bed. So my husband prayed with them and off they went.

Then, we stayed up later than we should have watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I think it’s time to forgo the evening TV and put my Bible reading in there (since I can’t seem to wake up early) and possibly join a gym. No, seriously.

Until tomorrow…

31 Days 2014

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Mommy Work Day

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White cup with coffee on burlap with coffee beans

October 3, 2014

Today the morning greeted me with a beautiful, orange glow throughout my room and the upstairs hallway. We have these large windows that let in a lot of sunlight, so it was quite glorious.

Orange Sky

The children really dragged their feet this morning getting their chores and routine done. So we didn’t get to our devotion until 9:30am. Christina (8) said her belly was hurting so I suggested she go lay down. She slept for nearly two hours. After observing her these past weeks, I think she does better with an 8pm bed time than a 9pm bed time. In fact, most of my kids benefit from an earlier bed time, so I am adjusting it to 8pm.

Following our gorgeous, orange sky, the rain came, making for a rather gray morning. It’s enough to make anyone sleepy. And when Christina lived in Ghana, they had regular power outages and she would often sleep during them.

Fridays are light school days for us. We do math and catch up on reading and work on crafts or projects. We also spend this day doing a more deep and thorough cleaning of the house. This is also a good time for me to catch up on or get ahead in my VA (virtual assistant) work for my clients.

I declare Friday’s a Mommy Work day. I focus on house work and VA work.

After realizing a client project was taking longer than I thought, I decided to allow the children to watch Swiss Family Robinson on Netflix. I continued to plug away at the project, determined to get it finished before the afternoon was over. (And I did, woot!)

We have another ballet class to attend tonight so we need to leave by 4pm. I want to get some cleaning done before that happens, too. So I tidy my bedroom. Yep, that’s as far as I got. The children had a snack before we left and we headed out.

And this girl? She grabs a winter coat for 65 degree weather. I just love that smile!

Christina in her Coat

I worked on my newsletter and answered some emails from clients while waiting for the class to end.

On the way home I pondered how Christina missed her lessons because she slept a couple extra hours in the morning. Normally my Type A side would be cringing from not getting her lessons done, but I remind myself of two things 1) We homeschool year round so we can make margin like this and 2) there is more to life than reading, writing, and math on a schedule. There really is. In fact, our kids need to hear more from us than just what they should be doing all the time.

Our children need a little leeway sometimes, just like we do. So I let it go and gave her the day off (without saying so).

Once we got home I started on dinner right away. We had baked parmesan chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables. One of the most delicious recipes I’ve ever made. And of course I forgot to take a picture of it! I’m confident I’ll make it again before the month is over.

The children then did their evening chores and routine and were in bed about 9:00pm.

Chores included clearing and wiping down dining room table, sweeping the kitchen and dining room floors, and emptying & loading the dishwasher. I take care of clearing and wiping down the counters and stove. Then when they put their pajama’s on, they spend 5-10 minutes cleaning up their bedrooms. Then they brush their teeth and meet us in the living room for our evening Bible reading.

I must be doing something right, because my evening ended with my 7-year old telling me I was the best mommy he’d ever had.

For His Glory.png

31 Days 2014


Don’t forget to get your ticket for the Homemaking From Scratch conference coming up October 7th-9th. If you purchase your ticket before the conference dates, you’ll get over $200 of homemaking resources FREE. I will be speaking on Biblical Motherhood. Would love for you to join us! Click here for a full spread of topics, speakers, and the free resources.

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The Day My Alarm Failed

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morning coffee with city view in sunrise

You are reading a series called “In the Life of a Homeschool Mom of Many” which is running throughout the month of October.

October 2, 2014

So, I had my alarm set for 6:00am and it never went off! I checked on my alarm to see what had happened (it was on my phone) and as soon as I opened it I saw the 6:00am alarm checked and then right before my eyes, without me touching a button, it unchecked itself. So, apparently there was some type of glitch going on there. For someone who has struggled to get out of bed and was actually looking forward to getting up, this was a huge disappointment!

Needless to say, I got up around 7:15am and the children were fighting. I rolled out of bed to neutralize the situation, which was honestly difficult because each party had probable cause. However, yelling back and forth was accomplishing nothing except hurting the other party.

It’s a good thing our devotions have focused on compassion, kindness, and humility this week (ahem).

I poured a cup of coffee and sat down at my desk to check social media while my children finished breakfast and did their morning chores and routine.

We started our devotion time at 8:30am, which was consistently interrupted by my youngest children who struggled to sit quietly during the lesson. This is reality folks. 

At 9am we began our formal lessons. I started with four children and we learned more about maps and globes. We then started a leaf and bark collection from our yard. They really enjoyed doing the bark rubbings and checking our field guide to identify the trees.

Leaf Study
During this time my eldest daughter is working independently on her Tapestry readings. She is learning about the Viking Age. My two boys (9 and 7) are swinging between Tapestry and My Father’s World because what we are learning in MFW interests them as well. Hey, why not?!

In between all this I manage to get a load of towels in the washer washing.

After we wrapped up this project, these same four children learned about the water cycle, too. Then I did spelling with two separate groups of children. Once we finished spelling, we took a break for lunch. That was at 12:10pm. I gave the children 50 minutes to eat and spend some time outside playing and burning off some energy. And boy are my boys LOUD — even outside! I sure hope no one is trying to sleep during the day anywhere near our home!

This may (or may not) be a good time to note that I have not gotten dressed yet. I just haven’t gotten around to it. Seriously. That is how it goes.

So, after lunch and “recess”, we started on our math about 1:00pm and worked on that for an hour and a half. Which is really good considering 6 children had math lessons and it usually takes 2 or more hours.

It’s now 2:30pm and I’m starting to get sleepy. Homeschooling is hard work! So after math, I allow the kids to go outside and burn off a little more energy by playing soccer again.

Time to teach writing. Teaching writing to one child while trying to oversee the other children is a challenging endeavor, let me tell you. The other children are generally capable of being able to be independent for a little while, but often there are squabbles to handle.

One thing I struggle to embrace are the constant, constant interruptionsI, personally, find interruptions rude and inexcusable if it’s not an emergency. But, since my kids are kids and not adults, they need to be constantly trained to remember this. It can get frustrating at times (as it did today).

It’s 3:30pm and between interruptions, I finally get writing complete with my eldest.

I go upstairs to get dressed and realize the two littlest (ages 4 and 6) had trashed the upstairs hallway. Apparently they emptied out a closet all over the floor. Nice. So I call them up to clean it. Then, I get dressed, check email and instruct the girls to fold a load of laundry and the boys a load of towels before we leave for ballet class. I know that sounds bad, doesn’t? But it wasn’t leisurely email — it was work email. Then we all work together, trying to get the house tidied before we leave so when we come home it’s not a complete wreck.

We left at 5:00pm for ballet class. Class started at 5:30pm so I hopped over to the coffee shop over in the mall. The ballet class is in the lower level of the mall. So I get comfortable with my lap top to do some client work and the other children socialize with friends while we wait for my eldest daughter’s class to end at 6:30pm.

On our way home I am trying to figure out how I’m going to get dinner made and to the table within 10 minutes of entering the house because I know the kids are hungry and the one hour-to-make dinner I had in mind is just not going to work tonight.

So I give the children a choice: chicken and potatoes which will take about an hour to get on the table or chicken sandwiches which will take about 15 minutes in the oven. The verdict rules: chicken sandwiches.

But my husband calls and has a better idea: Burger King. Yes please. So it’s 7:30PM and we take our food to the living room and turn on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. We are all pretty tired so I am completely OK with this.

The children get to bed by 9pm and the hubby and I unwind with a couple episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Whew! Did it tire you out just to read that? I wanted to add more details, but I didn’t want to end up writing a book!

Tomorrow I’ll try to focus in one one event of the day. ;)

31 Days 2014

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When Unexpected News Clouds the Day

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Day 2
You are reading a series called “In the Life of a Homeschool Mom of Many” which is running throughout the month of October.

October 1, 2014

This morning my husband got his cast off after having it on for six weeks. His instructions are restricted to light work. And I’m not sure this is truly good news. Since he works on a commission of sorts, he is only making money when he pushes out work.

Since he took three of the older children with him to his appointment, it threw our school day off a bit. (But I love that they were able to have that freedom to go with their daddy at a moment’s notice).

So I came downstairs and grabbed some coffee while the kids finished up breakfast and did their morning chores and routine. That means clearing and wiping the table, sweeping the floor, unloading and reloading the dishwasher. Once that is complete, they get dressed, make their beds, and brush their teeth.

While they worked through that, I did some work online for other bloggers I work for. Typically that means scheduling out social media for the day. Sometimes I’ll answer some emails as well. Since today was different and all the kids weren’t home, I waited to do devotions and allowed the children a little extra free time while I worked online a bit longer.

I worked through math lessons with a couple of children who wanted to get it done early and then by around 10am the other children came home, had a snack and then we did our devotional.

We are currently working through Our 24 Family Ways. We completed Way 5 last week and due to the nature of its content, we took a little detour this week and are working through The “Put On” Chart Lesson Book from Doorposts.

Christina with Paper Doll
After devotions I worked with Jeremiah (7), Christina (8), and Margaret (11) on some My Father’s World lessons. They are learning about maps and globes, as well as ecosystems and biomes; and I am happy to say this has helped their interest and understanding better than Tapestry of Grace. So I am glad I made the switch for them this year. Jeremiah is doing a little of both–Tapestry and My Father’s World.

My older children are able to work mostly independently.

Shortly after we finished those lessons, I made the mistake of checking Facebook real quick. I really try to avoid doing that in the middle of the day because it’s too easy to get side-tracked. This was one of those times, however it’s not what you think. I got a message from a high school friend of mine asking if I had seen the news of a mutual friend of ours, also from high school. I replied that I had not, but I would go see.

Turns out, this friend, who is 32 years old, with 3 small children, just found out last night she has stage 4 breast cancer. She went in to the hospital last week thinking she had pneumonia, but it turns out the cancer had spread to her lung, liver, bones, and a small spot on her brain. The whole thing takes my breath away. She is so very young. The cancer in her bones has weakened them and caused two broken ribs and a broken vertebrae.

Team Annette
So…after crying my eyes out for a bit and wondering when I should head to the doctor’s for my own “check up”, I decided I needed to pull myself together so I could finish getting through lessons with my kids. We only made it about half way through what was on our lesson plans. The day seemed like such a blur in comparison.

I am still tweaking and making room in the schedule to fit everything in. Most days, math takes 2 hours for me to get through all the children. Just math. So, as I went about my day, I was reevaluating things in my mind.

After lessons, we took a trip to the store to pick up a few clipboards so all my children had one. I plan to hang them all on the wall in the hall way and use them for chore charts, assignment sheets, and anything else the children tend to forget about if I am not constantly reminding them. This will be easy for them to go to and find because it will always be hanging in the same place. I hope to share that with you in the next few days.

After we returned home, hubby and I sat on the porch while some of the children played soccer in the front yard and the girls had a snack before leaving for ballet and tap class.

Hubby took the girls and rest of the children to dance class and I stayed home, showered, checked a few emails, cleaned the table for dinner and started dinner. Tonight’s menu? The infamous “breakfast for dinner”.

Dinner Time
After dinner, the children did their table chores, tidied their bedrooms, and put their pajama’s on. I supervised and helped where needed.

Then we met in the living room for our family evening read aloud.

Little House
Little House 2

After we read for about twenty minutes, I had the children go brush their teeth and come back. My husband did the Bible reading, with some help from “My Time With God“.

Once they finished the Bible lesson, we turned on one episode of Little House on the Prairie and after that the children were off to bed. My husband decided to turn in early since his first day back to work in six weeks is tomorrow. And here I am typing up this post, and probably used way too many pictures. LOL It’s almost 11:00pm as I wrap this up and I will be heading to bed, in hopes of waking up around 6:00am to get a head start on the day.

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31 Days 2014


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